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Christmas Tradition

What is Kwanzaa? Is it Linked to Christmas?

African American festival of Kwanzaa is becoming increasingly popular in the US. That’s no wonder, as the percentage of the black population in the US exceeds 14%. Learning what the festival celebrates, its history, and traditions is a great way to show respect to cultures residing next to you. This may be surprising, but the […]

The Complete History of Poinsettias & Christmas

Poinsettia is one of the most popular Christmas plants, along with mistletoe, holly, and balsam fir. Every year, over 35 million poinsettias are sold in the United States alone. Furthermore, 80% of these plants are cultivated by just one company. Poinsettia’s connection with Christmas doesn’t arise from the Bible – it comes from a 17th-century […]

The Elf On a Shelf: Origins Of a New Tradition

The history of most Christmas traditions counts centuries; the Elf on a Shelf tradition, meanwhile, only counts decades. Originating as a family legend, the Elf on a Shelf transformed into a nationwide tradition in the span of a few years. While some parents see the Elf on a Shelf as a great helper in surveilling […]

When Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Everyone knows the date of the Christmas celebration is December 25th. But it isn’t the only remarkable day of the holiday season. Christians around the globe celebrate numerous other dates commemorating Christ, special moments in his story, and saints. The holiday season starts on the first Sunday of Advent, at the end of November or […]

The Complete History of Chrismons

You may have heard of Chrismons when visiting the local church or browsing the web searching for traditional Christmas decorations. What are these white and gold ornaments hanging off a Christmas tree, and how are they different from regular ornaments? The tradition of using Chrismons is young, counting under 100 years. It’s widely observed in […]

The Tradition of Mistletoe at Christmas

Today, nearly everyone has heard or even participated in the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. But not many know the origins of this custom and legends associated with the plant. Mistletoe history dates back to ancient times. Celtic Druids, Ancient Greeks, and Norse pagans believed that the plant had magic powers. As a result, […]

What Are The Colors of Christmas?

If someone asked you what the traditional Christmas colors are, you’d likely reply with “red and green.” That’s true, though this contrasting combination isn’t the only one associated with winter holidays. Other popular Christmas colors include gold, white, and blue. That’s not surprising, as these are the colors of the sky, stars, and snow. But […]

Christmas Cake History & Traditions Around The World

When you hear “Christmas cake,” what do you imagine? Likely a fruitcake covered with sugar icing, also known as Christmas pudding. That’s the most popular holiday dessert in the US. However, this isn’t the only traditional Christmas cake recipe worth trying. The truth is, none of the Christmas cake versions you see in American supermarkets […]

The Complete History of Boxing Day

What does Boxing Day mean to you? Boxing day traditions go back 2000 years to the ancient Roman pagan celebrations, have been incorporated loosely into our Christian traditions – and now there are many fun facts about the day after Christmas. As Christmas Day is a time for indulgence, most of us need a chance […]

The Complete History of Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a long-established tradition observed around the entire globe. Today, greeting cards are affordable, can feature any picture, from religious to humorous, and are sold on every corner starting with late October. Because greeting cards have become so widely available and practically inseparable from Christmas celebrations, we rarely think about how the custom […]

Why Do We Say Merry Christmas? (And Not Happy Christmas)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Wait, is this greeting correct these days? Is it even historically accurate? While Merry Christmas is a widely accepted phrase, not many of us know how it appeared and what it means. Centuries ago, there was no widely accepted Christmas greeting. Instead, people tended to […]

Holly, Ivy, and Other Christmas Plants

Perhaps, the most well-known Christmas plants are holly and ivy. These evergreen plants are commonly used in all kinds of Christmas decorations, from wreaths and garlands to prints on tablecloths. However, many of us don’t know the reason these plants became associated with Christmas. Like many Christmas traditions, the history of holly and ivy has […]

Why Do You Not Eat Meat on Christmas Eve?

What do you eat on Christmas Eve? Are you having a meat-free Christmas dinner? Do you follow the traditional no meat Christmas Eve dinner making a fish feast? And have you ever wondered why we do this? And there are so many fish dishes to choose from. Certainly, Christmas Eve is a time of celebration. […]

The Complete History of Mince Pies

Mince pies are among the favorite Christmas specialties in the US and UK. They can easily compete with Christmas puddings for the title of the nation-cherished Christmas fruitcake. Yet, not many know the history of this sweet and spicy dish. The history of mince pies stems from the Middle Ages. At first, they had nothing […]

The Complete History of Christmas Candles

Christmas candles have been one of the leading holiday symbols for centuries. They can be seen in windows and on festive tables, in Advent wreaths and Christingles. But not everyone knows the symbolism Christmas candles hold and the origins of these traditions. Candles have been used in religious rituals for so long that the roots […]

The Complete History of Pantomimes

Pantomime is a lesser-known Christmas tradition here in the US. But in the UK, it has remained one of the favorite winter season entertainments for the entire family since the Middle Ages. While pantomime has established itself as a Christmas tradition in the UK, this form of performance didn’t originate there. Instead, pantomime stems from […]

The Complete History of Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding is, perhaps, the best-known worldwide Christmas dessert. The custom of eating plum pudding for Christmas is observed in the UK, the Americas, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Caribbean, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe. But why do we eat specifically this meal to celebrate Jesus’ birth? The truth is, Christmas pudding has no […]

What is Hanukkah? Is it Linked to Christmas?

Many in the US are confused about what is Hannukah, calling it the Jewish Christmas. But they’re very wrong, as Hanukkah, or Chanukkah, is the Jewish festival of lights. It has nothing to do with the Christian celebration of Jesus’ birth. Indeed, many Jews residing in America have adapted Christmas traditions for the Hanukkah festival. […]

Why is Christmas Day on December 25th?

Americans, along with numerous other nations, traditionally celebrate Christmas on December 25th. However, not many of us know why this date was chosen for the main winter holiday of the year. The truth is, even historians don’t know for sure why Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. Some managed to find convincing evidence in the […]

The Complete History of Christingles

While most children in the US are busy with nativity plays and gift shopping, children in the UK are excited about Christingle services. This jolly tradition may seem a bit childish at first, but it carries profound metaphor and practical importance. The look of a Christingle, indeed, is playful and bright. But every part of […]

Origins & Rise of The Secret Santa Tradition

In recent years, the Secret Santa tradition has become increasingly popular in offices and schools across the U.S. and in Europe. This anonymous Christmas gift exchange is mainly perceived as a fun way to bring in holiday cheer, but not many know its history and original meaning. The truth is, the Secret Santa gift exchange […]

The Complete History of The Christmas Pickle

The Christmas pickle is one of the strangest Christmas traditions across the entire globe. Perhaps, the only custom that could compete with the Christmas pickle in eccentricity is the Japanese KFC Christmas dinner. Following the tradition, an ornament shaped like a pickle or, sometimes, a real pickle is hidden under the Christmas tree. Whoever finds […]

The Complete History of Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are among the most popular Christmas foods. The rich, spicy, warm gingerbread flavor never fails to bring in the Christmas spirit. However, gingerbread initially had little to no connection with Christmas, and some theories of gingerbread house origins are rather twisted. Ginger was used as a medical treatment for centuries. Later, people discovered […]

Christmas Eve Traditions and Customs

Christmas Eve is the day preceding Christmas Day, and in many regions, it’s an even more important date than Christmas Day itself. Christmas Eve traditions in the US tend to vary depending on the region and family, but they’re typically more defined in the rest of the world. Such a significance of Christmas Eve stems […]

The Complete History of Christmas Candy Canes

There are many well-known Christmas symbols, and Christmas candy canes are a mark that is recognized by everyone. No matter your age or if you enjoy sweets, everybody has had a candy cane at some point in their lives. So when did they start? Candy canes have been around for so long that someone rarely […]

What is A Traditional Christmas Dinner?

The time to enjoy traditional Christmas dinner is just around the corner. But what should traditional Christmas dinner really contain? This depends on the region. British and Scandinavian traditions largely influenced Christmas dinner customs in the US. As a result, we’ve adopted the glazed ham, turkey and stuffing, gingerbread, and eggnog. Over time, these dishes […]

7 Popular Christmas Misconceptions (Explained)

People today believe in an array of Christmas misconceptions. That’s no wonder, as a holiday existing for over 17 centuries was bound to become overgrown with myths. Some of these Christmas legends are ridiculously wrong; others have a reasonable base. Many of us have false ideas even about the very core of the Christmas holidays. […]

Origins & Rise of The Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition

The ugly Christmas sweater season has arrived. Unlike most holiday traditions, this trend is a rather new one – but not as new as some may think. The first holiday-themed knits appeared back in the 1950s, yet they only became ugly a few decades later. Today, most of us consider ugly Christmas sweaters funny, but […]

What is The Christmas Spirit? (Origins & Meaning)

As winter holidays get closer, we start hearing about the Christmas spirit more often. But what is the Christmas spirit, exactly? There’s no universal definition of Christmas spirit. The concept is rather vague, and everyone understands it in their own way. However, we can at least try to identify what causes us to feel the […]

Christmas Day Traditions and Customs

Christmas Day commemorates the birth of Christ and has not only religious but also cultural significance. Some Christmas Day traditions differ depending on the region and particular family; others have been observed around the entire globe for centuries. It’s hard to find a place where people don’t exchange gifts or gather around the table with […]

The Complete History of Eggnog

Eggnog is a popular beverage served in bars across the US and Europe throughout the Christmas season. That’s no wonder, as the creamy texture, spicy flavor, and warmth of eggnog make it the perfect winter drink. While eggnog fits flawlessly in modern bar interiors, the history of this drink is longer than you may imagine. […]

Christmas or Xmas?

Is calling Christmas “Xmas” a blasphemy? Today, this term is mainly associated with commerce. Sometimes, it’s even viewed as an attempt to remove religion from Christmas. But is the term “Xmas” actually insulting for Christians? The answer to this question lies in the term history While the word is commonly considered modern, it has been […]

Everything You Want To Know About Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are a fundamental part of celebrations in Britain, the US, Japan, and many European regions. These colorful candy-like wrappers may not hold a deep religious significance like most Christmas traditions but inevitably bring joy and holiday spirit to children and grownups alike. Have you ever thought of how long the Christmas cracker tradition […]

The Complete History of The Christmas Turkey

Today, many Americans can’t imagine a holiday family meal without a Christmas turkey. That’s no wonder, as turkeys are native to America and inhabited the land even before the Maya period. Surprisingly, despite how widespread turkeys are in America, the tradition of consuming these birds for Christmas is much younger than the customs of decorating […]

Christmas Bells Traditions & History

Today, Christmas bells are considered one of the main symbols of this holiday. They are rung at churches on Christmas Eve, featured on greeting cards, elf costumes, Santa’s sleigh, and wreaths. But most of these traditions are relatively young. Bells have existed since the third millennium BC and first appeared in China. In Asian culture, […]

The Complete History of Snow, Ice, and Christmas

Snow and ice are symbols deeply rooted in our envisioning of Christmas. Snowflakes, snowmen, and polar bears are extremely popular on Christmas decorations and cards. And if you ask any child where Santa lives, they will likely reply with “the North Pole,” the snowiest place on Earth. Despite such a strong association of snow with […]

The Complete History of Mumming

Mumming wasn’t initially limited to Christmas. The tradition is so old that historians don’t know when and where exactly it started. Still, it’s certain that mummer’s plays were performed on any event since the ancient times in Britain and Ireland. Over time, mumming morphed into several different practices, with only one fundamental detail being constant […]

The Complete History of The Yule Log (A Christmas Tradition)

The tradition of Yule Log is merely observed in central and northern Europe, though it hasn’t bypassed the US entirely. You may have seen desserts resembling a log covered in berries and leaves in local bakeries or heard of Yule Log festivals in some US states. Like many other Christmas traditions, the history of the […]

The Complete History of Wassailing

Wassailing is a lesser-known worldwide British Christmas tradition, though it’s closely related to American favorite holiday season entertainment caroling. Wassailing and caroling have only one minor yet important distinction – wassailing involves drinking alcohol. Funnily enough, wassailing originated in pagan times as a completely different custom. Like modern wassailers, pagan wassailers used to sing and […]

The Complete History of Winter Festivals

Winter festivals have been celebrated in every region around the world since the early times. They typically marked the winter solstice, anticipating the soon arrival of spring. People would worship gods and perform rituals to ward off evil spirits or ensure a good harvest. Some ancient pagan winter solstice festivals share traditions with Christmas and […]