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Christmas Around The World

Christmas in Japan

While North America has its own fun Christmas traditions, Christmas traditions in Japan can be both similar and very different. Although Christmas is celebrated as a Holiday to be enjoyed with the family and can take up a whole month in North America, Japan doesn’t equate Christmas with family and has a different way of […]

Christmas in The United States of America

Christmas in the USA has a special significance, even though the first celebrations were recorded only in the 16th century, 1300 years after the tradition appeared in Rome. Today, it’s considered the most wonderful time of the year, anticipated by children and adults across the country. Some American Christmas traditions originated in Britain, and that’s […]

Christmas in The United Kingdom

Christmas in the UK is a time for family activities, sharing and caring, and honoring ancient traditions. As Britain was a powerful Empire from 16th to the 20th centuries, many modern American, European, Australian, and even African Christmas customs are influenced by the Brits. Some of the customs we share with Britain are shopping on […]

Christmas in The Philippines

No Christmas season in the world lasts longer than Christmas in the Philippines. Even the U.S. can’t compete with Philippine five-month festivities. The reason for such long celebrations isn’t clear, but you can clearly tell Christmas means a lot to Filipinos. Christmas customs in the Philippines may seem very unusual to Americans and Europeans, and […]

Christmas in Canada

Christmas in Canada is the time for embracing historical traditions, participating in snowy activities, and spending time with family. Although Canada is located so close to the U.S., some Christmas customs of our northern neighbor are rather unique. Canada is famous for its impressive parades and festivals, some of which are held for over a […]

Christmas in Ireland

Christmas in Ireland is a blend of religious, ancient, and modern commercial customs. And like in any other country, it’s the time for sharing, caring, and family gatherings. Many Irish Christmas traditions are borrowed from Britain or the U.S., but some are truly unique. Specifically, caroling and mumming originated in Britain in the Middle Ages, […]

Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany is a truly wonderful time of the year. If you’re ever dreamt of visiting a winter wonderland, book your tickets right now. This isn’t a surprise, as Germany can easily compete with Britain in the number of Christmas traditions originating in the region. Some of the Christmas traditions originating in Germany are […]

Christmas in Italy

Christmas in Italy is a truly wonderful season that carries a unique atmosphere, making this picturesque country feel even more magical. Good news – the Italian Christmas season starts early, so you have over a month to enjoy the festivals and celebrations. Although some Italian Christmas customs resemble those we observe in America, they still […]

Christmas in Russia

Christmas in Russia is very different from that in the U.S. or Europe. This is mainly related to the prevalence of Orthodox Christianity in the region. Orthodox Christians are more old-fashioned than Catholics. They still observe the Gregorian calendar, celebrating Christmas on January 7th. Christmas in Russia wasn’t commercialized like it was in the rest […]