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Christmas Decoration

The Complete History of Chrismons

You may have heard of Chrismons when visiting the local church or browsing the web searching for traditional Christmas decorations. What are these white and gold ornaments hanging off a Christmas tree, and how are they different from regular ornaments? The tradition of using Chrismons is young, counting under 100 years. It’s widely observed in […]

Best Christmas Table Runner

What happens when you find the best Christmas table runner for your particular style and design sense? A plan comes together for simplified holiday decorating and entertaining! The perfect table decor creates a feast for the eyes during a season that naturally blends people and food. Less stress and fewer tasks translate to a greater […]

Best Nativity Set

The best Nativity set centers your holiday decorating on the very origins of Christmas – Christ’s birth and the details surrounding that event. Surprisingly, the very first Christmas Nativity scene was created nearly 800 years ago, and that was to combat materialism and secular influences! In all honesty, the Christmas tree probably receives the greatest […]

The Tradition of Mistletoe at Christmas

Today, nearly everyone has heard or even participated in the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. But not many know the origins of this custom and legends associated with the plant. Mistletoe history dates back to ancient times. Celtic Druids, Ancient Greeks, and Norse pagans believed that the plant had magic powers. As a result, […]

Best Christmas Garland

When you want to take your Christmas decorations to the next level, adding the best Christmas garland might be just the perfect way to do it. Garlands add an elegant and festive touch to hallways, fireplace mantels, stair rails and, of course, the tree. When it comes to Christmas lights and Christmas decorations such as […]

What Are The Colors of Christmas?

If someone asked you what the traditional Christmas colors are, you’d likely reply with “red and green.” That’s true, though this contrasting combination isn’t the only one associated with winter holidays. Other popular Christmas colors include gold, white, and blue. That’s not surprising, as these are the colors of the sky, stars, and snow. But […]

What Date Do Christmas Decorations Go Up?

There’s no Bible-specified Christmas decoration date. Some families strictly follow their own traditions of putting up decorations; others do this at random dates when work routine leaves them some free time. Certain times, however, are better suitable for putting up Christmas decorations than others. For example, Advent and Saint Nicholas’ Day have religious roots and […]

What Are The Most Popular Christmas Decorations?

The most popular Christmas decorations are lights, garlands, wreaths, Christmas tree ornaments, and the Nativity set. These are the decorations each of us imagines as soon as we hear “Christmas.” But how did the tradition to use these items originate? Why do all people celebrating Christmas use the same decorations, regardless of the region? What […]

Best Christmas Tablecloth

For the merriest and brightest expression of your holiday cheer this year, turn to your best Christmas tablecloth for inspiration. The picture-perfect holiday table setting on your Christmas list is easier to achieve than home décor magazines make it look. Holiday decorating needn’t be expensive to create a stunning display. Using traditional décor in new […]

Best Christmas Tree Topper

The holiday season is on its way, and people are on the search for the best Christmas tree toppers to complete their Christmas trees. This guide will help you figure out which is the perfect topper for you and your family. The Christmas tree tradition started in Germany during the 16th century. It began as […]

When Should You Put Your Christmas Lights Up?

The right Christmas lights put-up date is an everlasting topic for debate. There is no set rule on when to hang your Christmas lights, but certain points are worth consideration. We don’t really put up Christmas lights for ourselves. It’s merely an act of kindness, an attempt to bring the holiday spirit to the neighborhood. […]

Best Christmas Lights

Wondering about the best Christmas lights for holiday decorating? At one time there were only a few options. Happily, that’s changed dramatically! Gone are the cumbersome, easily broken, and hard to dismantle Christmas lights for sale in our parents’ or grandparents’ era. Putting up outdoor or indoor Christmas lights used to involve hard work and […]

How Can I Decorate My House For Christmas On a Budget?

Every year as the Holidays get closer, it becomes time to look at your budget, and I often think about how I can get creative with my cheap Christmas decorations. Getting creative is using what you have to make easy beautiful Holiday decorations and shopping with only the amount of money you’ve set aside. Christmas […]