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The Complete History of Father Christmas (Origins of Christmas)

Today, Father Christmas is viewed as the British equivalent of Santa Claus. But the truth is, he’s an entirely different character whose history lasts much longer than that of Santa. The character is so old that historians aren’t even sure how he was named before he became the symbol of Christmas. Father Christmas has pagan […]

Best Christmas Tree Bag

Everyone loves decorating for Christmas, but putting things away is another story; that’s why the best Christmas tree bag will make your life a whole lot easier. Storing your artificial tree in a quality bag will keep it in good shape, ready to use year after year. When it comes to Christmas decorating, few things […]

The Complete History of Saint Nicholas (Origins of Christmas)

Saint Nicholas is justifiably considered the origin of modern American Santa Claus. Nicholas was neither chubby nor jolly, but his altruism immortalized his image in our minds as the real Christmas gift-giver. But what was so special about his deals? If you ask a child where Santa Claus lives, they’ll likely answer “the North Pole.” […]

The Complete History of The Tree of Jesse

The tree of Jesse is an old religious Christmas tradition widely observed in Europe and the US. In fact, the custom is many centuries older than decorating a Christmas tree or eating plum pudding. The tree of Jesse is, essentially, Jesus’ family tree. It’s the depiction of Christ’s ancestry in the form of a tree, […]

The Complete History of Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding is, perhaps, the best-known worldwide Christmas dessert. The custom of eating plum pudding for Christmas is observed in the UK, the Americas, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Caribbean, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe. But why do we eat specifically this meal to celebrate Jesus’ birth? The truth is, Christmas pudding has no […]

The Complete History of Candlemas

Candlemas is a lesser-known Christian holiday compared to Christmas or Epiphany. However, in a religious context, it’s no less important. Candlemas is one of the oldest Christian holidays and is considered one of the twelve Great Feasts. Unfortunately, not many Americans today know the meaning of Candlemas as it isn’t as commercialized as Christmas or […]

When Should You Put Your Christmas Lights Up?

The right Christmas lights put-up date is an everlasting topic for debate. There is no set rule on when to hang your Christmas lights, but certain points are worth consideration. We don’t really put up Christmas lights for ourselves. It’s merely an act of kindness, an attempt to bring the holiday spirit to the neighborhood. […]