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Why is Christmas Day on December 25th?

Americans, along with numerous other nations, traditionally celebrate Christmas on December 25th. However, not many of us know why this date was chosen for the main winter holiday of the year. The truth is, even historians don’t know for sure why Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. Some managed to find convincing evidence in the […]

Best Christmas Ball Ornaments

Searching for the best Christmas ball ornaments is a mind-boggling experience! The sheer number of styles, materials, and finishes can be a bit overwhelming. It’s helpful to break down the categories a bit to find what best suits your tastes and needs. Beautiful Christmas ornaments emphasize the rich, dark green of holiday trees. The addition […]

Best Artificial Christmas Tree

Although Christmas trees have been around for centuries, their artificial counterparts have only existed since the 1930s, when they first went on sale. There are several reasons why you might purchase one – and in this buying guide, we’re going to run through five specifications to look for. Time seems to be a luxury that […]

Best Christmas Tree Bag

Everyone loves decorating for Christmas, but putting things away is another story; that’s why the best Christmas tree bag will make your life a whole lot easier. Storing your artificial tree in a quality bag will keep it in good shape, ready to use year after year. When it comes to Christmas decorating, few things […]

Best Christmas Tree Stand

Setting up and decorating your Christmas tree is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas, but you’ll need the best Christmas tree stand for your particular tree to keep it securely upright. Whether large or small, real or artificial, you need a secure stand for your tree. There are few things more important during […]

What Color Was Santa Claus Suit Originally?

Arguments regarding Santa Claus’s original suit color seem to be never-ending. Today, Christmas Spirit is typically portrayed in a red and white suit with a buckled belt, but it wasn’t always the case. Or was it? A common theory is that Coca-Cola first created Santa’s red suit. However, that’s only partially true, as earlier depictions […]

What Country Has a Female Santa Claus?

How do you imagine a female Santa Claus? Perhaps, about the same as an ordinary Santa, dressed in a red and white suit, with a friendly smile and a sack full of gifts. However, Christmas legends aren’t always merry and bright. Female Santa Claus is a thing in the mythology of numerous countries, including Germany, […]