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Sharing My Passion For Christmas

Why Do You Not Eat Meat on Christmas Eve?

What do you eat on Christmas Eve? Are you having a meat-free Christmas dinner? Do you follow the traditional no meat Christmas Eve dinner making a fish feast? And have you ever wondered why we do this? And there are so many fish dishes to choose from. Certainly, Christmas Eve is a time of celebration. […]

The Complete History of The 12 Days of Christmas

The twelve days of Christmas is a period of celebration, a time to reflect on the lives of the saints, a time to give and receive. And a time to sing that famous Christmas carol with its secret double meaning. In pagan times a winter celebration relieved the tedium of dull, cold winter days. And […]

Why Do We Say Merry Christmas? (And Not Happy Christmas)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Wait, is this greeting correct these days? Is it even historically accurate? While Merry Christmas is a widely accepted phrase, not many of us know how it appeared and what it means. Centuries ago, there was no widely accepted Christmas greeting. Instead, people tended to […]

What is Hanukkah? Is it Linked to Christmas?

Many in the US are confused about what is Hannukah, calling it the Jewish Christmas. But they’re very wrong, as Hanukkah, or Chanukkah, is the Jewish festival of lights. It has nothing to do with the Christian celebration of Jesus’ birth. Indeed, many Jews residing in America have adapted Christmas traditions for the Hanukkah festival. […]

When Should You Put Your Christmas Lights Up?

The right Christmas lights put-up date is an everlasting topic for debate. There is no set rule on when to hang your Christmas lights, but certain points are worth consideration. We don’t really put up Christmas lights for ourselves. It’s merely an act of kindness, an attempt to bring the holiday spirit to the neighborhood. […]

The Complete History of Saint Nicholas (Origins of Christmas)

Saint Nicholas is justifiably considered the origin of modern American Santa Claus. Nicholas was neither chubby nor jolly, but his altruism immortalized his image in our minds as the real Christmas gift-giver. But what was so special about his deals? If you ask a child where Santa Claus lives, they’ll likely answer “the North Pole.” […]

The Complete History of Father Christmas (Origins of Christmas)

Today, Father Christmas is viewed as the British equivalent of Santa Claus. But the truth is, he’s an entirely different character whose history lasts much longer than that of Santa. The character is so old that historians aren’t even sure how he was named before he became the symbol of Christmas. Father Christmas has pagan […]