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Best Christmas Ball Ornaments

Searching for the best Christmas ball ornaments is a mind-boggling experience! The sheer number of styles, materials, and finishes can be a bit overwhelming. It’s helpful to break down the categories a bit to find what best suits your tastes and needs. Beautiful Christmas ornaments emphasize the rich, dark green of holiday trees. The addition […]

Why Do You Not Eat Meat on Christmas Eve?

What do you eat on Christmas Eve? Are you having a meat-free Christmas dinner? Do you follow the traditional no meat Christmas Eve dinner making a fish feast? And have you ever wondered why we do this? And there are so many fish dishes to choose from. Certainly, Christmas Eve is a time of celebration. […]

The Complete History of The 12 Days of Christmas

The twelve days of Christmas is a period of celebration, a time to reflect on the lives of the saints, a time to give and receive. And a time to sing that famous Christmas carol with its secret double meaning. In pagan times a winter celebration relieved the tedium of dull, cold winter days. And […]

The Complete History of Boxing Day

What does Boxing Day mean to you? Boxing day traditions go back 2000 years to the ancient Roman pagan celebrations, have been incorporated loosely into our Christian traditions – and now there are many fun facts about the day after Christmas. As Christmas Day is a time for indulgence, most of us need a chance […]

Best Christmas Table Runner

What happens when you find the best Christmas table runner for your particular style and design sense? A plan comes together for simplified holiday decorating and entertaining! The perfect table decor creates a feast for the eyes during a season that naturally blends people and food. Less stress and fewer tasks translate to a greater […]

Best Christmas Tablecloth

For the merriest and brightest expression of your holiday cheer this year, turn to your best Christmas tablecloth for inspiration. The picture-perfect holiday table setting on your Christmas list is easier to achieve than home décor magazines make it look. Holiday decorating needn’t be expensive to create a stunning display. Using traditional décor in new […]

Best Artificial Christmas Tree

Although Christmas trees have been around for centuries, their artificial counterparts have only existed since the 1930s, when they first went on sale. There are several reasons why you might purchase one – and in this buying guide, we’re going to run through five specifications to look for. Time seems to be a luxury that […]

Best Nativity Set

The best Nativity set centers your holiday decorating on the very origins of Christmas – Christ’s birth and the details surrounding that event. Surprisingly, the very first Christmas Nativity scene was created nearly 800 years ago, and that was to combat materialism and secular influences! In all honesty, the Christmas tree probably receives the greatest […]

Best Christmas Tree Topper

The holiday season is on its way, and people are on the search for the best Christmas tree toppers to complete their Christmas trees. This guide will help you figure out which is the perfect topper for you and your family. The Christmas tree tradition started in Germany during the 16th century. It began as […]